Bespoke, hand-crafted luxury kitchens and furniture

We specialise in bespoke, hand-crafted luxury kitchens and furniture. Our highly-skilled joiners use traditional joinery methods and the highest-quality materials to craft beautiful kitchens and furniture that will last a lifetime.

Our attention to detail is unmatched. Our creations reflect over thirty years of craft joinery expertise. We use only the highest-quality materials and we pride ourselves in our commitment to sustainability. We craft our kitchens and furniture  from sustainably-sourced hardwood, such as oak or walnut, and hand-finished for the longest wearing and most flawless finish.

We take pride in crafting your dream kitchen. Hand-cut, hand-painted and hand-finished, your vision is realised by our small team of master-craftsmen. 

Every kitchen and piece of furniture is tailored to suit the needs and lifestyle of each of our clients. We balance design and functionality to create innovative solutions, without compromising quality. Every piece is unique and individual. 

Cheswick&Co evolved from Campsie Pine, which was originally set up by Liam O’Kane in 1986. He started production out of a small garage in Campsie and since then, we have expanded but remain based in the original workshop, staying true to the ethos of quality, attention to detail and devotion to our clients. 

Director, Cheswick&Co

Luxury Hand-Crafted Kitchens & Furniture